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The Corrent Party Submission Position Decision
So, I mentioned a few days ago that I was unsure as to the value that existed within The Orange Box. I would say that my opinion has been firmly entrenched into the good value camp. I say this because Portal is an absolutely amazing game. Although it can be played through in maybe 4.5 hours on the first time through, the writing and acting is simply superb. My opinion of the game is so high that I actually played through it a second time in order to listen to the developer commentary (which is actually rather interesting). Also, the game is worth the price of admission if only for the closing song. It is spoiler-rific, so I won't talk more about it, but it is definitely amazing.

On a completely unrelated note, "Fun Sized" microwave popcorn should not be stocked on the same shelves as normal sized popcorn. I propose that we outlaw this barbaric practice or require stringent labeling guidelines similar to what are used on explicit CDs--only instead of warning of explicit content, they warn of inappropriately sized portions.

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