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Glad I did that Upgrade
So, I mentioned some time ago that I was going to replace Magi due to a hardware failure in the video card and due to its general age. Well, I finished most of the disk copying earlier today and just had a couple of home directories left to copy, so I decided to go ahead and put the replacement, Mystique into Magi's old case and to put magi into the test harness to finish off the copying.

During this process, one of Magi's hard drives managed to die.

Luckily, the discs are in raid 5, so I'm able to pull the data off, albeit slowly. This is the second failure in the array since I put it together my sophomore year of college, so consider it an endorsement of RAID 5 (or an indictment of Maxtor's quality control).

Also to my irritation, the ATX 12V connector in Magi's old case is approximately 5 inches too short to reach the connector on the motherboard. Some idiot decided to place it almost directly behind the I/O plate which means that the connector (which comes in from the direction of the PCI slots) has to go the maximum possible distance in the case (made worse by having to dodge around the video card). I've ordered an extension cable from Newegg, but that puts another 2-3 days wait before Mystique can go live.

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