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This Creedo
So, yesterday I beat Assassin's Creed. If you haven't played it yet, it may be worth telling you that this game has an ending similar to Advent Rising, Anachronox, XIII, and Halo 2. Due to the relatively good sales of Assassin's Creed (something like 3 million copies), I expect things to go more like Halo 2 than Anachronox.

As for the game itself, it is rather fun, but it isn't as good of an assassination game as the Hitman games (at least post Hitman 2). The game usually feels like an open world version of Prince of Persia, but unfortunately there isn't much to do in that open world: there are essentially zero (interesting) sidequests, there are no real interaction with NPCs in the world, and there are arbitrary barriers which prevent you from ranging freely for large portions of the game.

The game does have one sidequest: collecting flags. These flags serve no purpose other than fulfilling an optional objective. Completing the objective provides no in-game benefit and is itself time-consuming since there are literally hundreds of flags. In the console versions of the game, collecting flags at least gave achievements. In the PC version, the only reason to ever pick up a flag is because they refill your health. Of course, you regenerate over time rather quickly anyway, so this too is rarely of use.

At least the PC version doesn't force you to walk to every city that you have to visit to do an assassination like the console versions do. The PC version wisely gives a quick travel option after you've been to a city once.

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