2008 Aug 10 elly-miang

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So, I recently have been assessing my level of debt. I passed the level of positive net worth sometime back in February or March. I'm currently hoping to finish paying off all of my debt by this time next year.

Current stats:

Total Liquid Assets+13050.88
Non-revolving Debt-9271.65
Net Worth+3779.23

I've been debating lately about whether I should move money from my savings and use it to pay down my loans. As it currently stands, the interest rate on my loans is a bit higher than 5% (weighted average) and my savings account earns something a bit above 2% interest. On the other hand, I treat my savings account as a kind of emergency margin. Though I've not yet had need to use it, I am somewhat hesitant to take much from it lest it not be there when I need it.

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