2009 Oct 20 elly-miang

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Importance Announcement
Haruhi movie. That is all.

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2009 Oct 19 garnet

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Circular Reference
I was googling today about Ada's standard_ouput continuing my train of thought from Friday. Apparently, my lj post about it is now on the first page of results for "ada Standard_Output". I am beginning to wonder if anyone else on the planet has to use this language...

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What's left of me
I just beat Kingdom Hearts 2 again. It was mostly as awesome as I remember, but it seemed distinctly easier this time around. I suspect this may be due to me knowing the "tricks" for the various bosses. I did go to the final boss at the first opportunity, however, which led to it being markedly more difficult than my original attempt since I was only about level 60 or so and didn't have the Ultima Weapon. I'll probably resume Blue Dragon now as my console game of current play since it was what I'd been playing before I was distracted by KH 2.

I still haven't finished 358/2 Days, but I'm making somewhat steady progress. It reminds me of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core in that both area highly "mission-based" which allows me to play it in very small chunks at a time. Individual missions in 358/2 generally run in the 10-20 minute range with some outliers on either side. I think this strategy is highly preferable for a portable device. God of War: Chains of Olympus failed in this respect and that may be the reason that it has been unplayed in my PSP for months.

Of course, what I'd really like to see is a confirmation of a Kingdom Hearts 3 game. Although I have little doubt that they'll get around to making one, Haley Joel Osment isn't getting any younger and neither is Hayden Panettiere. I suspect that this will mean yet another significant age-up in order to make voices be reasonable, but that may be for the best. The last one wasn't bad at all, though hearing KH1 and KH2 Sora in short succession could be considered a case study in voice changes through puberty.

Tangentially related, I think I need to move up my plans for getting another PS2. My current one, starting Saturday, would only read my copy of KH2 while it was in the upright or vertical position. This is a known failure mode caused by failure in the focusing motors of the laser assembly. Although Sony refurbed the system once, I severely doubt that they'll do it again for free given that it was a system produced in the first year of the PS2's life span. A quick look around seems to show Gamestop as actually being one of the cheaper places to get a new PS2. At least, this is true if I want a silver one ($100 + tax, shipping). I can get a black one from Amazon for $100 (no tax) or a white one for $120 (with Singstar, apparently). So I may go that route given my hatred for Gamestop.

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