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Tax Season
Yesterday I got word back from my dad that he'd finished my taxes. Apparently I will be getting back about $800 from my federal taxes and about $100 from the state taxes. Unfortunately, since those are California state taxes, I probably won't ever see them. Maybe I can use them next year as a credit against any potentially owed taxes. I was hoping the refund might be a bit higher, but it turns out that I don't really do that much that I can write off. It would've been nice if I could have written off my donation to Theta Xi, but they haven't yet gotten off their asses to make it possible for me to do such things yet. I suppose that the best thing that I could do from a tax standpoint would be to buy a house (of course) so that I could be writing off the interest on the loan. It turns out that being a homeowner has additional benefits from the home itself.

The handy thing is that that $800 refund will cover roughly half of my remaining college debt. I am clawing ever closer to being debt-free.

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