2009 Mar 19 elly-miang

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So, I made my first profits in the stock market today. About 2 weeks ago, I bought 320 shares of Citibank @ ~1.18 / share. Today I sold half of them @ 3.09 / share which netted me the full initial cost plus a little extra. I'm leaving the other half as a "long term investment" since it is basically free money.

I've started to look for things that might be vastly undervalued in the current hyper-scared market and have some similar ideas about things that I'll reinvest the original "playing around money" into. Banking seems like an interesting bet given how ridiculously depressed the market seems to be, but there are some other ones that have my attention as well.

Hopefully, something interesting will happen.

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2009 Mar 18 elly

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Inconsistent Traits
So, I'm going bald. Quickly. My hair was thinning rather badly even when I was in college, but it has accelerated since I entered the working world. As it is, the hair density on the top of my head is depressingly low. Part of me is still wanting to fight the trend, but I'm pretty sure it is a losing battle. What I'm not sure of is what to do about it. I've considered just shaving my head, but that will probably require me to keep shaving it continually to keep it looking decent (and the purchase of a wet/dry electric razor). Another possiblity is to try something like Rogaine and attempt to halt the progression where it is now. This, of course, introduces a long-term dependency on a strong medication. At the far edge of feasability is hair transplantation. Unfortunately, this option is probably out of my price range especially if not covered by my medical insurance (which it almost certainly isn't).

Regardless, it sucks. Neither my father nor either of my grandfathers had this sort of hair loss this young.

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