2009 Apr 26 garnet

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They've finally allowed us to return to our gate. Here is a picture of segway cop before I leave.

Segway Airport Cop

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Backing Slowly
They had us move even further away from our gate. Given theat we'd already moved twice, I decided to try to just walk out of this arm of the terminal. Apparently, this wasn't allowed as I was stopped by a cop on a police segway (he had a helment, so he was a bit difficult to take seriously). Happily, they allowed me to sit in the nearby gate instead of, say, tazing me. It looks like they also moved at least one airplane which had been at that end away from its gate (I saw it go by the window, then turn around and wait).

I'm still going with the "lost bag" option, but I suppose this is all part of "standard procedure" or perhaps a dog got a false-positive on it. Unfortunately, I suspect that I'll never know the ultimate reason.

It looks like they're going to check the plane at this gate with dogs. It seems strange since this gate isn't even near the ones that we've been evacuated from. Then again, I'm not a plane in-security expert.

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2009 Apr 25 elly

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So, I'm currently sitting around at LAX waiting for my plane to start boarding. I'm flying to Toulouse for the yearly review that we have for OSTM. I'll be there for about a week, though I only have meetings for 3 of those days. I may try to do a bit of sightseeing when I arrive, but I'll more likely be too jetlagged to give it a try.

For some reason, pepole at this end of the airport keep setting off the door alarms. They are very loud and very annoying. This has resulted in a large number of the airport police showing up. Just as I was writing that sentance, the airport police evacuated our end of the terminal. I suspect a mislaid bag, but I suppose it could be a real threat. This made me give up my otherwise nice seat on the floor by the electrical outlet. They had been fiddling around for nearly 20 minutes, so I presume they didn't consider it much of a threat.

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