2009 Jul 06 elly-miang

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AX Day Four
Shortest day yet: I was in at noon and out before 3. I bought a painting that I'd been considering getting. I had originally though of getting a different one (a Disgaea 2 group shot similar to the box cover art), but ended up buying "Dressed for Success" instead. The pic below is a crappy photo of it while still in its protective wrapping.

Disgaea Painting

I intend to get it properly framed, but it is hard to find a custom framer who is open on the fifth of July, much less a Sunday.

I only went to one panel of consequence today: Production I.G.'s industry panel. The panel itself had a few interesting things in it, most notably that there is going to be an Eden of the East movie. They also talked about a fully 3D movie, Oblivion Island, that is currently in production and which seemed somewhat interesting.

I spent some more time in the dealer's Room and saw another person from CAS. I ended up buying a Shadow Skill boxed set. I had originally watched the first few episodes some time when I was in high school, but had never been able to find any of the rest. I saw the box set on sale for about $30, so decided to pick it to see if it had aged well. I also bought a few Haruhi fan posters in the artists' alley. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with them, but since they are relatively standard sizes (12x18), I'll probably just buy a couple of frames and put them up somewhere in my apartment.

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2009 Jul 05 utena

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AX Day Three
I got up even later for AX today and so got into the convention center around noon. My first target was the FUNimation panel. They announced various things: Gunslinger Girl Il, Dragon Ball (they now own the first 13 episodes which they hadn't previously), and various other things that I can't remember. Overall, nothing that really made a mark on me.

I wandered the Dealers' Room some more afterwards. I saw a couple people that I know from out here: one is in my D and D group and was with his kids, the other was someone who occasionally comes to CAS (Steve Racer). I still have yet to find the first box set of Utena and am beginning to give up hope. One person was selling individuals of the first two (of four) discs of the set, but wanted $30 each for them. Another was willing to sell the first 10 discs for $150. Neither of these seemed like a fair shake. I was extremely tempted by some Nippon Ichi artwork that they were selling at their booth. I've been tempted by it each day of the con and, after looking at what custom framing will run for it and my current supply of disposable income, will probably end up picking it up tomorrow. I may force myself to do a coin toss to make the final decision, however.

I grabbed some substandard, convention center sushi for lunch and then went to the "Anime Debate: Final Round" to kill some time. I didn't actually stick around for the debate itself because the pre-show entertainment things that the host does were better than the debates themselves previously. One of them today involved a girl winning a contest by yelling "TITS!" as the answer to a question to which it was not the appropriate answer. She later was...attacked? another contest by another female forcing a kiss on her during another contest. It was unexpected and caused that particular contest to end without resolution as far as I can tell. I skipped out after that because the debate couldn't be nearly as interesting as the pre-show (though the debate topic was "Hentai is for perverts" which could have proven interesting, I had my doubts).

Then, I lined up for the Anime Music Video contest rebroadcast/awards. They had done the initial showings the night before and allowed the viewers to vote. Votes were tabulated last night, and after showing each category winners were announced. It was pretty enjoyable and was prefaced with showings of Dead Fantasy. It seemed that the winners in most of the categories seem to have been chosen mostly by song choice, but I suppose this is not entirely suprising. I was a bit annoyed that the winner of the "Drama" category seemed to be more of a "Comedy" video as it was Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" set to Death Note. Athough both the song itself and the series in question are generally serious, it was constructed so as to be mainly humerous with cuts designed to provoke laughter.

That was the end of my day at the convention. There wasn't anything else on the schedule that interested me and so I was back at my apartment by 7pm. Apparently, my start and stop times are narrowing each day. I don't consider this a bad thing, necessarily, but I wish they'd not front-loaded so much of what interested me into Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow will probably be mainly a shopping day since the con closes at 5 and there is maybe one event that I'm interested in going to see.

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