2003 Sep 29 tifa

Guy Blade Guy Blade---08:08:00

Look at me, my girlfriend--Sarah--cheated on me with a drunk college student. Guess how I feel. Yes, that's right. Like shit. However, I am not one who will be treated like shit and just take it, at least not in this context. As such, I have decided to break it off with her. At first, it hurt me so much that is was nearly unbearable that she cheated on me, but as I've thought about it more I've realized something. Though it sill hurts, I think now that it might have been for the best. She never cared for me nearly as much as I cared for her. If she really cared about me, she never would have made out with (or spent the night in the room of) a drunken college student. Though I am still extremely upset that she cheated on me, I am not that upset with the prospect of breaking up with her. She hurt me deliberately and intetionally, then delayed telling me for over a week. If she had truly felt remose, she would have told me the next day just out of respect for honesty.

I wonder now, did she make out with this boy because she liked him or because she wanted a way to be able to get out of our relationship. I am extremely forgiving when attacked in many issues ( people who know me know that Sarah got me to go to church with her for most of the summer despite the fact that I'm an atheist), but on infidelity there is no second chance. If she wanted to end it with me, there was no more sure way than making out with a drunk college student.

I loved Sarah. At some level, I will always love her. She was my first real girlfriend and I will always care for her. I hope that someday she realizes that she gave up something really good. I hope that she realizes that the people she now calls her friends are turning her against the values she claims to cherish. I hope that she finds someone who will be that person that she desires. I don't know who it will be, but I wish that person luck.

To all the people who will support Sarah for finally breaking up with that bastard atheist (me), I would say that you should look closer at how she chose to break up with me and how I live my life. I may be an atheist, but I try to maintain the values of honor, integrity and love. Ultimately, everything that Christianity holds high falls into one of these three categories.

Finally, to Sarah:

I loved you. I never wronged you. I was always there for you. I wish you luck in the future, but do not expect me to aid you--at least not for quite a while. I have taken enough much emotional pain in this relationship.

Good bye.
Good luck.
Good day.

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2003 Sep 24 elly

Guy Blade Sarah---02:24:00

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2003 Sep 17 rinoa

Guy Blade Sarah---22:30:00

I thought you would like a princess cake...

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Guy Blade Sarah---22:28:00

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:03:00

tomorrow is my birthday. If you haven't gotten me something yet, there is still time. I accept gifts in all denominations. Gifts in foreign denominations should be sent via paypal to

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2003 Sep 01 elly

Guy Blade Sarah---23:40:00

sucks to be Grant

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---21:44:00

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