2001 Dec 20 tifa

Guy Blade Guy Blade---07:11:00

fuck (fk) Vulgar Slang
v. fucked, fuckĀ·ing, fucks
v. tr.
To have sexual intercourse with.
To take advantage of, betray, or cheat; victimize.
Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.

v. intr.
To engage in sexual intercourse.
To act wastefully or foolishly.
To interfere; meddle. Often used with with.

An act of sexual intercourse.
A partner in sexual intercourse.
A despised person.
Used as an intensive: What the fuck did you do that for?

Used to express extreme displeasure.

Phrasal Verbs:
fuck off
Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
To spend time idly.
To masturbate.
fuck over
To treat unfairly; take advantage of.
fuck up
To make a mistake; bungle something.
To act carelessly, foolishly, or incorrectly.
To cause to be intoxicated.

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2001 Dec 19 namine

Guy Blade Guy Blade---20:40:00

Yeah, so on the 30th of December, I'm going to have a giant LAN party at my house. Its going to be really cool because I've invited 15 people (counting me) and we are going to play lots of Half-Life. Its fricking awesome.

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