2002 Feb 26 relm

Guy Blade Guy Blade---07:23:00

yeah, so now martha is being crappy with me. Why does everybody in Texas hate me? I don't understand why they all think that I'm some kind of stalker. mina ga baku desu.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---07:02:00

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:43:00

I think that I'll start using this instead of my lifejournal. Well, I guess that I'll start out by talking about yesterday. Yesterday, I spent about 11 hours or so working on putting this page together. It was unfun, but atleast its more or less done now. Ah well.

Today, I had school. It sucked as usual. First hour was Japanese. I learned that Mrs. Kawasaki is retiring which is kind of sad. I also learned that I won't have a test over Lesson 36 which does not suck, but I learned that instead, we are diving straight into informal verb conjugation. Joy. Oh well. Today's Japanese word of the day was "Mailbox of Death." After Japanese, I returned to school to see that it had been taken over by "sprit week" other wise known as "fuck this week I hate it." Ugh. I'll take a picture so that everybody can see how much it sucks. I then went to AP Physics. We learned new stuff which we should have learned the day before, but didn't, yet were given homework about anyway. Oh well. Next was Yearbook. I got my last quote for my second spread which was good and I got all of the quotes typed in. I also got the my homework done for Pre-Calc. After that, I went to Pre-calc which was another day of me ignoring the student teacher as usual. Such is life. We were given the chance to do some extra credit, which I finished quickly. After that, I went home and tried to figure out how to do dHTML. I was rather unsuccessful. I'm still trying to get the Friends page to work the way that I want it to work. Damn. Then there was the whole fiasco with the Fire Department and MCYC. Oh well. I then came home and did some more updates to this page. Then I got to here and here I am.

k bye.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:24:00

Yeah, well, I added a comment system. Ok bye.

(p.s., yes, you do adam)

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Guy Blade Adam---06:16:00

is it just me, or do i look REALLY gay on Grant's "Friends" page?

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---05:52:00

Yeah, so Melissa is being crappy with me for no reason again. Oh well. Maybe she'll be nice some day. Then again, she does seem to hate me for no reason.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---03:32:00

yeah, so this page is the most useful thing ever.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---02:43:00

Eh heh sorry pat. You're actually on the version that's on my computer, I just kindof forgot to upload the new version. Sorry.

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Guy Blade Patrick---02:16:00

Look, Grant is really learning HTML. Cool......btw, thanks for putting me in the friends page......raises my self-esteem.

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2002 Feb 25 relm

Guy Blade Adam---23:26:00

fuck javascript
fuck it up its stupid ass

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---19:35:00

Yeah, so I'm in yearbook. I just realized that I didn't update this site with the newest version that I wrote. I'm also on an iMac which is gay and can't understand the javascript that I used for the background image. So much for cross-platform compatibility. Oh well. I hate Macs anyway. I hope that Steve Jobs gets hit by a truck. Anyway, that's all I have to say except POST HERE if you're a member of this blog. k bye.

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