2002 Mar 26 terra

Guy Blade Guy Blade---23:20:00

Well, I'm in California. Its been pretty nice weather, but I thought that I'd go ahead a recap the week so far. We flew out here on Saturday morning. We had to get up at 3:00 am our time. We went first to the Indianapolis International Airport where we got through security and were soon on our way to our connecting flight to Denver. The first flight was pretty good, it was very smooth and I had little to complain about on the flight. We then arrived at Denver. There was something like a four hour layover there. It was not much fun. I spent most of my time there just wandering around taking pictures and doing stupid stuff like walking backwards on the moving flat escaltor-type thing. Yeah, very boring. Our next flight wasn't very good. The ride was very rough and the plane smelled and was hot. Definately not fun. Add to this that it was the longer of the two flights and it adds up to ugh. Oh well. We arrived in Burbank then where after accounting for all the time changes, it was as if we had gotten up at 1:00 in the morning. The first thing we did was get our rental car (a Ford Taurus) then drive to our hotel in Pasedena. We spent most of the rest of that first day trying to adjust to the jet lag.

The next day (sunday), we went to the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon Libraries. It was pretty cool because they were both good presidents regardless of what others may think. That was about all we did that day. Yesterday, we went to a mall then did our tour of Cal-tech. I think that I've been right when I've said that I want to go to Cal-tech. It is a very good school. I think that I would really like to get accepted there. I also got on the rental computer and talked to Andy to set up doing something with Chris and he since they are both in LA. Then I went to bed. That brings me to today. I was actually able to sleep better tonight though I had some weird dreams. I thought that Chris/Andy were going to call me this morning, but they hadn't yet by noon, so I got on this computer to try to talk to them. Ah well, that brings me to now and since I can't see the future, I guess I'll just sign off.

k bye.

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