2002 Mar 29 elly-miang

Guy Blade Guy Blade---07:55:00

California Part II
Well, here's part two of the California Story. After my last talk, I went to a gaming story and Andy/Chris came over. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen where we ate and also introduced me to Andy's friend Melissa who was cool. We wandered around Pasadena for a while, then they left and I came home. I sat around for a while then my mom got home and that was about it. Yesterday, we tried to visit NBC, but it was full, then we went to Old Pasadena for a while which was kindof interesting, then we came home and that was about it.

Today, we went to the Hearst Castle. It was about a four hour drive each way which was less than fun. It was pretty cool, but eh. Then we came back and that brings me to now where I've just been talking to Melissa (Texas not California) which was strange, but its nice to know that she isn't mad at me anymore. Ok, well that's about it for now. k bye.

P.S.: Is there something wrong with Matt's MUD?

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2002 Mar 28 harle

Guy Blade Matt---08:53:00

Well birthday is finally over thankfully. I honestly do not know how many more "Happy birthday!" shouts I could take. I honestly think if I heard that one more time, I was going to flip and go kill something. Fortunately my dad did not get me a gun for my birthday, so there were a few safe. I'm not sure how many people I could chase down with a sword and hack up, but I'm sure at least one. Best thing about it though is that I managed to get the last copy of Nero 5 that Best Buy had..which means I'll be busy copying PSX games for the rest of the damnedable break.

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