2006 Aug 01 peach

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So, I went online today to waive my RHIT insurance. On the page, I was present with (among other things) this message:

Now, my question is simple: Are they using the words "PRIOR" and "START" ironically or are they simply quoting from another source? I ask because I cannot think of another gramatically valid reason to put those words in quotation marks. If they are using them ironically, does that mean that I can only waive my issurance after the "START" of the quarter or does it mean that I can waive it whenever I please? If they are quoting just those two words, why did they choose a source which wrote them in capitalized, bold-face letters and fail to cite the source? That just seems silly. Now, I suppose they could be using the words in some abstract sense in which they don't actually mean the common definition of either "prior" or "start", but instead mean to reference the words themselves. Or perhaps they may be trying to refer to the title of short peice of artistic work such as a short story or poem and that I am to use the contents of such works to help understand the sentence they have given me. Regardless, no one answered when I tried to call to inquire about what the sentence actually meant. Perhaps they are only availible "PRIOR" to the "START" of the workday...

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