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Interviewing with Microsoft
So I was supposed to interview with Microsoft today. Instead, I spent the entire day in my room working on papers and watching television. This is because my interview was canceled approximately 30 minutes before I was supposed to arrive at the MS campus. The reason? Bad weather. Apparently, Seattle is incapable of handling more than 6 inches of snowfall in a day. In fact, it took me over an hour last night to get a taxi to take me from the airport to Redmod and even when I did, I was riding with 3 other people who were also going to Redmond (the driver got $50+ per head on that ride).

My interview has supposedly been rescheduled to tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was supposed to fly out tomorrow morning at 10:45 am and no one has yet given me new information. Thus, I have been told to stay and be interviewed, but not been given information on how I will be returning home.

So, I went to to see if my flight information had changed, and indeed it has. My flight has been pushed back to Saturday, so I will be getting back late on Saturday (7:30pm). I wish that they had informed me of this. Unforuntely, microsoft travel didn't bother to extend my room stay, so I've had to do that for now on my debit card. I'll talk with the people at MS tomorrow about switching it to direct billing instead.

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