2007 Oct 05 emeralda

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So, today I was running a few errands and I found something that I'd been looking for since I arrived in Pasadena. You see, I'd say that maybe one third of streets around here have the word "Oak" in their name. There's Fair Oaks, Oak Grove, Oakland, Grand Oaks, etc. Today I finally found Oak Avenue. It was about as exciting as I'd expected it to be, which is to say not very.

I've also found that there is not a single grocery store that can satisfy my shopping lists. One of them has a bakery and a butcher; the other carries IBC and pretzels. Unfortunately, together this means that I cannot simply go to one and get supplies. I find this irritating. What is more irritating is that the closest grocery with Jiffypop is nearly an hour away (two if traffic is bad, according to google).

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