2007 Jun 19 namine

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Fun but unproductive
Today, I emailed my boss about finding housing and he shot me back an email with some of the listings from the JPL secret housing list and I'm going to go visit one place tomorrow morning.

So this afternoon, I went looking for a gaming store using the Yellow Pages as my guide. It turned out that there were two listed on the same street (Colorado Blvd), so I decided to start there. It turns out that the street my hotel is on turns into Colorado Blvd once you go about two miles. One of them I was never able to find. I even parked my car and walked to the exact address (as near as I could tell). It seems like the one I was not able to find had been bulldozed to make way for some sort of eatery.

The other gaming store (Game Empire) was a decent little shop. I bought a used copy of GURPS: Mage: The Ascension for $5.00 and came back later that night for an open D&D game that ran until 10.

The game went pretty well, though eventually there were 11 players. I played a half-elf Wizard. The game was the third in a set of 3 games which were supposed to collectively be an entire adventure. Unfortunately, we didn't get all the way through it because it took a little while due to the 11 players and the general slowness of the game. There was quite a bit of meta-gaming and some rather primitive ideas from the players. I had to twice explain that killing things is not necessarily the best way to get experience. The only reason killings this is worth XP is because you are overcoming an obstacle. I believe my advice fell on deaf ears. C'est la vie.

The GM had a Cool Thing, though--the Critical Hit Deck. I picked up one of these for myself as well. I was slightly disappointed because the deck itself was not very generic and is mostly D&D specific. It was still a good buy, I think.

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