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Tumblr Support for XPost
I added support for Tumblr to XPost a few minutes ago. Luckily, it had an API, so it worked the first time that I got it to compile successfully. As before, Tumblr support is currently only in subversion. I'll work on getting a release together sometime after I am in California.

The weird thing about the Tumblr API is that it seems to have no independent authentication mechanism. The only way to check to see if you have a valid username and password is to do a post and see if it works. I sent an email to their support group to see if this is indeed the case. Hopefully it isn't, as that is a lousy way of doing things (though I suppose it does send passwords in cleartext anyway...).

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PGP Revisited
So, I went ahead and generated a new PGP key. My public key is available from the standard places. My new key ID is 0x144FB8CA. If you're interesting in cross-signing, drop me an IM.

In other news, I'm beginning to get my move together. I was contacted today by both the people from the vehicle moving and home moving people to set up dates to move my stuff to Pasadena. Unfortunately, the home moving people can't give me a firm date for picking up my stuff and will only give me a range from June 18-23. Hopefully, I can get what I need sorted out so that I won't need to be here when they move me. I would be very sad to have to fly out 1 or 2 days before my first week of work...

Lastly, I've been working on MySpace support for XPost. I've made some progress in that I can successfully authenticate and can almost post. Unfortunately, I'm getting some sort of bizarre timing bug. I think it is related to the timezone settings, but I'm not sure. If anyone cares enough about mayspace to help me bang my head against it, I'd appreciate the help. I'm beginning to think the MySpace stuff is reaching the point where I need a fresh set of eyes. Incidently, MySpace is as irritating to reverse engineer as it is to use--perhaps moreso.

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