2007 Jul 24 peach

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So, for the last few days, I have been playing Jade Empire. It is a pretty good game, but it is making quite clear how old my gaming computer is. I am routinely seeing framerate drops to less than 10 fps.

I've priced out a new machine to replace my old one and it is less than $1500. The whole spec includes a quad cord Xeon, 4 GiB of RAM and even two 8800GTS cards in SLI mode. Hopefully, that will be enough to play Bioshock when it comes out. I'll probably order once I've paid August's rent.

In other news, I got my first credit card today. I had applied for it when I got a new checking account a few weeks ago. The thing I find most rediculous about it is that I have a limit of $500. I have more than six times that in each of two checking accounts. Somehow, I doubt the validity of whetever method they used to decide my limit.

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