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Odds and Ends
So I play in two RPGs now. The first is the Warlock (Caltech D&D) game which I have talked about before. The second is a rotating HERO game. It turns out that one of the people in that game does the lettering for comics. Apparently, he does lettering for The Avengers. That would be about the closest I've ever come to someone famous in the comics industry.

I expect my power bill to be higher this month than it was last month. I say this because I have already used more kWh this month than I did last month. Hopefully, my bill won't go past $300...

Figuring out how to get things to build with libpurple was a pain. I blame glib and its backwards "you must use pkg-config to produce appropriate gcc flags" mentality.

There are $11 left in my National City checking account. Now I just have to figure out how to spend exactly the remaining funds.

I have to play through Bioshock again because everyone I know played through it with the same mentality.

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