2008 Jan 27 peach

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So, a few things happened this week that I thought were worth mentioning.

1. It rained. Every fucking day. All week. Apprently, this is something that no one that I talked to remembers ever happening in the LA area before. I mainly found it irritating because it meant that I couldn't bike to work.

2. When items are no longer being used at JPL, it is standard practice to send out messages to other people in a section to see if they need it. Usually, these things are furnature; sometimes they're equipment. Today, they sent out such an email. This email contained listings for two breadboards: one was 4 feet by 4 feet, the other was 5 feet by 6 feet. I wish that I could have justified requesting one, but I would have had serious difficulty convincing anyone that I needed them. It would have been doubly difficult since apparently they are also 3/4 foot thick and weigh several hundred pounds apiece.

3. I'm going to be coming back to Terre Haute for graduation. I'll be officiating a wedding (I'll leave determination of which one as an excercize to the reader), but I'll also finally get to pick up my paddle.

4. The Matrix: Path of Neo is not nearly as good as Enter the Matrix was and Enter the Matrix was sort of middling. Apparently, they decided to make a game based on what Neo was doing through the Matrix triology, but decided it was a good idea to make it a platformer and retcon things. Perhaps the most annoying thing was right near the beginning of the game: I had to make a long jump between two platforms, but kept missing and dying because the controls were bad. What made it truly annoying was that Neo would catch onto an invisible ledge, pull himself up onto said invisible ledge, then plummet to his doom.

5. Don't Stop Me Now. That didn't actually happen, but I found it relevant.

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