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Fission Mailed
I just got back to my apartment. I spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday back in Indiana. Primarily, I was visiting home to go to my brother's high school graduation. I also took the opportunity to visit the Theta Xi house and fetch my paddle. I was very disappointed with the number of people there (one active(?): Phil; one alumni: Stanfield). I was also somewhat suprised to see what a mess the house was in. I told Phil to relay my disappointment in both cases to the actives.

At home, I went to my brother's graduation. It was pretty standard--very similar to my own 5 years ago. I was, as always, sad to see the state of the class. Of the approximately 400 students who entered with my brother's class, only 220 or so were walking (you walk as long as you have <= 2 credits remaining). Also, less than 1/5 of the students bothered to go through the Academic Honors Diploma program which is a slightly (very slightly) more rigorous degree than the standard degree. Also, I was more than a bit annoyed by the overtly religious speech given by the principle during the graduation. It was the sort of thing that tiptoes right up to the edge of what is allowable at a public school (short version "You need to have faith in something other than yourself. I happen to have it in god. You could pick your friends. What? That wasn't an endorsement of religion. See, I defined faith broadly to encompass almost anything, but I really only mean that first one. Wink-wink nudge-nudge say no more.").

I also did the standard visit family thing. I found out that I am apparently my grandmother's attorney-in-fact. Who knew?


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