2008 Aug 13 garnet

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1/3 Less
So today I spent approximately 1/3 of my liquid assets. I took Greg's advice with respect to determining an appropriate level of reserve for my savings. Based on an assessment with lots of rounding upward, I need something like $2850 for a worst-case month of survival (In actuallity, its probably closer to $2050). As such, I took $3000 from my savings an applied it to the larger of my two loans. This leaves me at something like $6300 in debt.

However, that was onlly 1/4 of my liquid assets, the other 1/12 was me finally purchasing a new TV. I got a 42" Toshiba LCD HDTV. It ended up being a rather good deal. It was $999.99 on sale which was already $100 less than anywhere else I looked. I then got to knock another $100 off due to the "10% off when you sign up for a Sears card" deal. After payment, I got a $10 credit on my first billing statment to knock a bit more off. Overall, even with California's 8.25% sales tax, I was paying something like $960 for it.

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