2008 Aug 25 elly-miang

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Greece Warrior
So earlier today, I beat Devil May Cry 4. This is notable because DMC4 represents the 300th game that I've beaten, at least according to my list. A brief analysis of my list shows that I've beaten 33 games since I graduated from college.

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2008 Aug 24 garnet

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After Before
So, I had never particularly thought about how a prequel should end itself. Having finished Crisis Core, I must say that the correct way it to say "to be continued in [name of thing that we're prequelling]".

Overall the game way pretty good. Unfortunately, the optional sidequesting led to the strange occurrance whereby I defeated all of the final bosses forms without being hit once. Zero damage. I would say that I was probably over-leveled for the encounter (level 73), plus it probably didn't help that I had maxed out my strength. Plot-wise, however, it actually makes Final Fantasy VII make a hell of a lot more sense. Cloud's backstory vis-a-vis Zack was always quite muddled, probably due to the fact that Cloud's memory of events involving Zack were also represented as muddled. This led, however, to a problem of the backstory really missing a cohesive line that was "canonical" in some sense.

In a realted note, Aeris dies. If you were unaware of this, too bad. Final Fantasy VII is 11 years old.

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