2008 Aug 26 aya

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So I ended up beating Heavenly Sword on Sunday. The game itself was as short as people claimed it to be: the whole thing took less than 10 real hours to beat which included various breaks to do things like eating dinner and watching the Venture Brothers. The game itself has pretty solid mechanics, not as good as DMC4, but I wouldn't expect them to be at the same level as Capcom given the number of iterations that Capcom has had to refine the system.

Where the game really shines, however, is in its writing. The main villain has some lines which are just brilliant especially about the "pollution of his royal genitals" and other such topics. The game is worth playing merely for the banter between the villain and his generals. Of course, the game also has the good-natured psychopath who also gets such great lines as "maybe I'll hit your weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE" while pointing a crossbow at an enemy's crotch.

I recommend the game without reservation.

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