2008 Sep 06 rinoa

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Maybe later
People are talking about Chrome as though it is some amazing thing. I personally require the following changes before it becomes a possible browser choice.

  1. Support for StumbleUpon - What use is the internet if it can't entertain me?
  2. The ability to turn off tabbed browsing - OK, I understand that there are people who like tabs. I'm not one of these people. I like windows because I can alt-tab between them easily. This is a huge show-stopper for me.
  3. Linux Support - Yeah, I only use Windows to play video games now.
  4. Cleaner handling of self-signed SSL certificates - I use self-signed certificates for various things. I want to be able to simple add the cert to a whitelist and never have to check anything again. Currently, it doesn't seem like there is an easy way to do that.
  5. A pony

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