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Locational Benefits
So, I had expected the various parts for my new computer to arrive before the end of the week. It turns out that, because I live less than 50 miles away from both the NewEgg distribution center and the Dell distribution center, both the new drives and the new mobo/processor/ram were waiting for me when I got home last night. I used the case that I had previously been using for eve before I switched eve to a low power single board system which saved me the trouble of having to find a new case.

I installed Ubuntu for the new fileserver (Ubuntu has been my goto distribution for about a year now). Unfortunately, there is some sort of bizarre issue wherein the enumeration of drives by the motherboard and by the kernel are different, so I had to use my old Gentoo learned skills to fiddle with the and manually reinstall grub.

It turns out that rebuilding a drive in a 5x1TB raid array takes about 6 hours. I hope to not have to do that again until the next doubling of the array. I'm now in the midst of rsyncing the 1.7 TiB or so from the old array to the new array. Even with switched gigabit ethernet, I expect that this will take several days. Hopefully I've over-estimated, but I doubt it.

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