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Alaskan Liberation
So, I beat Operation: Anchorage (the Fallout 3 expansion) a few hours ago. It was probably about 3 hours of content, but that may be due primarily to my character's build. Since the expansion takes place in a "simulator", you don't get to make use of any of your normal equipment. Instead, you are given a handful of weapons that never degrade and told to go do some objectives. It turn out, however, that nearly all of those weapons qualify as small arms. Among them was a particular favorite of mine--the sniper rifle. Since you are fighting humans almost exclusively and due to the 3x multiplier on sneak attacks, I basically snuck my way through the entire expansion dropping enemies in one shot with sneak attack head shots. Since this expansion wasn't explicitly targeted at people who were level 20, I think I may have had an easier time than was intended. In fact, the only times I died were when I stood too close to an explosive that I set off and when I ran out of ammo for the sniper rifle while too far away from an ammo drop.

It probably makes sense to pick up the expansion if you are starting a new game so that you can get access to the good equipment that it provides relavitely early, but it doesn't necessarily seem like something compelling for people who've already cleared the game.

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