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I'm currently encoding the 004 show episode 0052 (House of Cards). While I was cutting it up, I began listening and ended up listening to about half an hour of the show. In the course of it, I listend to myself describe the process that I'm currently doing now--cutting up the shows for the website. At the time, I was doing this work on my laptop or my Windows desktop. At that time, I was so constrained on disk space that I could only be working on one show at a time. Also, the disks and/or CPUs were so slow that it took over an hour to load the files into Audacity for editing and then to export them again as oggs took an equivalent amount of time. Now, I can go much faster. I did a batch conversion of all the shows left to be upload about a week ago. To do ~30 shows took less than 1 nights sleep + 1 work day. Doing imports into Audacity now takes only about an a minutes. Doing the conversion now only takes about 15 minutes.

I had previously considered complaining about the task because Audacity is designed in such a way that I cannot do work on one clip while another is exporting and I cannot run two instances at one due to "possible stability issues". In comparison to the previous burden, though, it seems downright easy.

I suppose I can put the cause down to the ever improving state of comsumer CPUs and disks.

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