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Columbus Day
JPL doesn't get Columbus Day off, but I ended up not going into work today anyway. My sleep schedule has gotten so screwed up over the past few weeks that I am almost perfectly offset by 180 degrees. After going to bed last night at 3am and lying in bed until at least 5:30am, I finally managed to get to sleep. But the whole "getting up two hours later" thing didn't go so well, so I called in. I ended up sleeping until 4pm. It looks like I'm on track to get very little sleep again tonight, which will probably make tomorrow lots of fun since I have a non-skippable meeting tomorrow at 8am. Hopefully, I can at least make it through the day without falling asleep at my desk.


In other news, I've cleaned up shows through 0063 now. I'm currently using git to version control them because I don't want to do something stupid and wipe out a huge pile of work. Unfortunately, this is causing me to run into fun corner cases in the git implementation. Apparently, it doesn't like committing several gigabytes at once. I went back and cleaned up the metadata for everything that I'd done so far--putting in correct show data, making sure show titles were in quotes, fixing the genre tag--and then attempted to commit them all at once. This caused a malloc failure in git, but it apparently will take smaller chunks and allow me to commit them a bit at a time. It is also ridiculously slow during the pre-commit phase. I suspect both of these issues stem from it trying to create a giant diff for the files.


I mentioned earlier that I was playing through Kingdom Hearts 2 again. Earlier today, I got to the Lion King portion of the game. I saw Lion King several times as a kid, but only today did something finally make sense to me. Once Rafiki becomes aware of Simba's continued existence, he uses his fruit to draw an outline around the face of his Simba drawing on the wall. I had alway thought that he did this to sort-of "cancel out" his previous wiping off of it. This time, however, I finally realized that he was drawing the adult Simba's mane. This only took me 1.5 decades to realize. Wow.

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