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On Justice
Some time ago, I decided to pick up a copy of Justice League. I went to Amazon, and seeing that they had both a Justice League: The Complete Series and a Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series, ordered them. It turns out that the former was actually a preorder and it finally arrived yesterday, this caused a bit of surprise as I discovered that it apparently also contained a copy of Justice League Unlimited. I thus have an extra copy of Justice League Unlimited that I'm willing to give to whoever wants it. I'll probably eBay it if I don't get any takers.

Now, I do have some issues with the Justice League: The Complete Series package. Firstly, the discs come packaged in a tin box containing two smaller, multi-disc dvd cases. These two cases are labeled "Justice League Season One" and "Justice League Season Two". This sounds completely reasonable, but is incredibly wrong. The "Season One" box contains seasons one and two of Justice League Unlimited which was the second of the two series chronologically. The "Season Two" box contains seasons one and two of Justice League which was chronologically the first series. Therefore, we have packaging which is, at best, terribly misleading. That caused me to have to reload my entire 5-disc changer. Now, as for the discs themselves, I have my recurring complaint about work coming out of the Warner Bros. Animation studios: they don't include English subtitles (disc one seems to have French and Spanish) and they don't provide sufficient chapter points (disc one only has chapter points at the beginning of episodes). These were the same problems that I had with the Teen Titans discs that I got earlier this year, and I suppose I shouldn't be terribly surprised by the issues. I just find it frustrating that most live action TV and basically all anime seems to have properly mastered discs, but WB can't seem to get its act together. Subtitles should be trivial because they are have closed captions for when the episodes are shown on television. Setting proper chapter points--episode start, after opening, after break--should be a minor increase in work during mastering. My only thought is that they must have gone with an absolute minimum budget for the production of the discs.

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