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Earlier today, I beat Borderlands. It was a relatively fun game--sort of a cross between Diablo and Fallout 3. I played through as the Siren class which was probably the incorrect choice given the fact that my playstyle was basically to always use a sniper rifle. Mostly, the game consists of collecting all avaiable missions, carrying them out as quickly as possible, and then getting the next set. The world itself doesn't really provide much reward for exploration aside from possibly money or items. Since I ended the game with well over a megabuck and the most expensive item I ever saw for sale was on the order of a few hundered kilobucks, this isn't terribly appealing. My main complaint about the game comes from the my choice of weapons: I could never find good sniper rifles. I would routinely use the same sniper rifle for extended periods of time due to the lack of improved ones ever showing up. I also found the late game annoying when the standard enemies began to be able to survive 2-3 headshots before going down.

The game does have a decent sense of humor that I found enjoyable. For example, some enemies are identified as "badass". This generally means that they are tougher, deal more damage, and have more health than their level and type would otherwise imply. If you kill one without taking very much damage, the Siren character will remark "Well, they seemed tough" as if to call into question the badass identification. Another instance of their sense of humor comes in their way of introducing major foes. One of the first bosses is named One-Eye and his introductory cutscene parenthetically informs us that he also has three balls.

I picked up the game for the PC for about $30 and would say that such a value is probably about right for the game.

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