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Turkey Day
The last two years, I have spent my Thanksgiving at home and have made something simple for the occasion. It wasn't particularly interesting one way or the other. This year, however, a friend of mine invited me to his place for Thanksgiving. Having nothing else that would prevent me from attending, I accepted.

Jem's place is over in Riverside. Despite being still in the LA sprawl, it was about an hour away via interstate. When I arrived, he introduced me to his housemates and we played a few games of Magic: The Gathering in a sort of sealed-deck format. Despite not having played the game since I was in middle school (or perhaps early high school), I managed to make a strong enough deck to beat both him and his housemates at least once. Apparently, in the time since I last played, black has gotten counterspells--several of them. That made my black-blue deck really, really annoying. Also, black has picked up a Wrath of God equivalent which happened to be in my sealed deck.

After that, we had a light lunch of ribs and rice, after which I taught them how to play Dominion. They took to it rather quickly and before the night was over, we'd probably played nearly a dozen hands of the game.

At some point, there was turkey and it was tasty. There was also watching of Big Bang Theory, which was sort of fun. I eventually left at about 12:30--foolishly leaving behind my tupperware full of cookies.

All in all, a much better Thanksgiving than last year.

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