2009 Nov 06 emeralda

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Improbable Injury
So, often times when I'm going from place to place on lab, I walk along the tops of various retaining walls. Today, I jumped down off of a short wall (about 2.5-3 feet tall) like I do much every day when I had a sudden pain in my foot. I am unsure what I did, but my left "ring" toe was injured. I don't really understand: 1) how I can injure myself from a 3 foot fall when I routinely take 6 foot falls without injury, and 2) how I can only injure my "ring" toe without damage to the adjacent toes. I ended up going to the doctor later on in the day when I realized that it had turned a rather unpleasant shade of purple, but they told me that there was probably nothing to be done except sending me to get it x-rayed to verify that there isn't a nasty fracture. Given that I can still walk on the foot, I'd be a bit surprised to discover such a fracture.

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