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On my way to CAS on Saturday, I decided to stop by Gamestop to pick up a game for my brother for Xmas. I requested it new and the person began pulling it out of the cabinet. I noticed that he had opened the case, presumably to place the disc in it, and asked for a sealed copy. Despite having at least a dozen copies of the game in the cabinet (that I could see in my brief look), not a single one was sealed. I told the employee to forget it and that I'd buy it elsewhere. He seemed somewhat put out by this, as though perhaps I had wasted his time, but I am not the one breaking the cases on dozens of games and then attempting to pass them off as new.

I ended up going to Target instead where they had the game that I was looking to find nice and sealed. I ended up deciding to pick up another game for him as well because Target's prices were discounted as compared to Gamestop. One of the games that I chose was rated M and they asked for a birthdate or a driver's license by the cashier. I was dumbstruck by the ridiculousness of being carded for buying a video game when I am quite obviously not a child. I gave them my birthdate, but the cashier was too incompetent to figure out how to input it correctly. I eventually gave them my driver's license to swipe because I wanted to get out quickly. I find it idiotic that I must give my driver's license to buy a video game. What is going on with the world? If a bought an R-rated movie, would I have been carded? What if I'd bought a steamy romance novel (an admittedly unlikely scenario)? How about a TV-MA show? I suspect that only one kind of media is being singled out.

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