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So last night, as I was coming back from CAS I happend to be listening to the BBC world new broadcast on NPR. I joined part way through a discussion about the upcoming Oscar awards. In the discussion, they had a moderator/host and a pair of other people who were collectively discussing what they thought should awards. The moderator then asked the person with the distinctive Chinese accent what he thinks should get an award to which he said that he thought the opening of the Beijing Olymics should get an Oscar. I think that there must have been no way for him to understand how ironic such a statement is given that

1} Oscars are given to films. Though the Beijing Olymics opening was partly a work of fiction, it was certainly not a film. They might be eligible for a Tony though.

2} The Beijing Olymics opening was not supposed to be a work of fiction in any way.

It seemed as though the host was as taken aback by the comment as I was as he stammered through a comment like "it certainly deserves something". Unfortunately, when they did the closing identifications, they only identified the people by name and didn't give affiliation so I wasn't able to tell if this person was a PRC shill. The whole thing was rather ridiculous.

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