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Not-so-wholesome crossdresser
I've recently been watching Maria Holic and I suggest that other people watch it as well.


A closeted lesbian enters an all-girls missionary school in an effort to find a true love (like her mother did). On the way into school on the first day, she meets the beautiful granddaughter of the school's board of director's chairman who turns out to be a boy crossdressing in order to attend to school. The boy uses the fact that he has power (by being the chairman) and the fact that he immediately recognizes her lesbian tendency to force her into a subserviant role. Hilarity ensues.

Although I initially found the show interesting when I saw the first episode, it wasn't until I saw the opening in the second that I realized the show was, in fact, brilliant. If nothing else, find a copy of the opening and watch it. Unfortunately, they seem to be pulling down the opening off of you tube (a copy with Spanish subtitiles).

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