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So, I just beat Far Cry 2. It is an open-world style FPS set in one of those war-torn Central African countries. In case you're keeping score, that means that the game itself seems to have basically nothing to do with the predecessor aside from title. Gameplay wise it is fairly standard. FC2 adopts the recently popular tiered-regenerative health system. It also adds a bottom tier wherein you're bleeding and must perform first-aid on yourself in order to not die.

My main gripes with the game come from two areas: techincal problems and plot problems. For the former, there are several game breaking issues. Firstly, it is possible to somehow (I'm not sure how exactly) to make the game impossible to finish by doors getting marked unopenable. This happened to me at least once and made me restore from a save that was like 30 minutes old. Secondly, the game will periodically just stop. It doesn't crash, it just stops doing anything for 30 to 60 seconds. It eventually comes back just fine, but is extremely disruptive when it happens during a firefight.

The bigger issue, though, is with the plot. There seems to be no real rationale for your character doing any of the things that he does. There is a vague plot at the beginning whereing you are looking for "the Jackal", but that mostly get lost in the shuffle until near the end when the whole plot seems to go off the rails.

I honestly can't recommend the game until they fix the technical issues. Given that the game is over four months old, this seems unlikely.

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