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So, this morning I had a pair of back to back telecons starting at 7am. Because of this, I took both telecons from home. While on the telecon, I was playing Ninety-Nine Nights and finally managed to beat it.

N3 is probably best described as mediocre. The gameplay is similar to Drakengard in the sense that it is one versus many action combat, but it is hampered by various bizarre bugs that make the gameplay less consistent. Notably among these are the game's strange behavior in deciding when an enemy has actually hit you. Sometimes, you are invincible during combo, other times an enemy will hit you and break a combo attack sending you flying. Despite this, the gameplay tends to be fun so long as you doing get killed by something arbitrary (I was once stun locked by about 5 dozen enemies and slowly went from full health to zero over the course of about two minutes without a chance to break out).

The game also has atrocious voice acting and what can generously be called lousy writing. Although you can play through several different scenarios, the first two available fail to make much sense. In them, you are hunting down and genociding goblins for reasons that are never well explained. In fact, it doesn't particularly seem like your characters are in a defensive war, more like they've decided to hunt down and destroy anything that isn't human in some sort of holy war.

Also, the final boss can only be beaten by reaching max level (nine) and hoping to find a specific random item drop in the final level. This is due to the fact that normal attacks do basically zero damage to the final boss and the special attack that can hurt it drains a non-renewable resource unless you have said item.

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So earlier today I opened up an investor account through Bank of America. I did this with one specific goal in mind: speculating on the recovery or acquisition of Citibank. Citibank is currently trading at its lowest ever share price, about $1.2/share. I have often thrown money away on silly things (random computer stuff, fuufs, etc), but I haven't yet really gambled any substantial funds away. As such, I've decided to throw a few hundred bucks at this struggling company to see what comes of it. I've been kicking myself ever since I failed to buy Qwest stock during the bursting bubble when it was sub dime, so I figure what the hell. When I inevitably lose my money, I'll probably go back to more conventional investment vehicles, but it will be an interesting experiment nonetheless.

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