2009 May 25 garnet

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Script Profile
Today, amongst other things, I wrote a plugin for Pidgin. The plugin is a simple, yet powerful thing. I call it Script Profile as it allows you to define a script, which gets executed periodically, the standard output of which is stored as your profile. I have no idea why there isn't a plugin to do this already. These is only one other plugin (as far as I can tell) which even manipulates the profile, and it is a twitter thing.

Currently, I'm using the plugin to dump my current Steam and Xbox Live status into my profile. As such, you can see what game I'm currently playing (if any) by looking at my AIM profile (more or less). In theory, though, you could use it for anything: IM statistics, fortune files, whatever. I currently know that it works on Linux, but it should work on Windows as well (so long as you have ActivePerl (>= 5.10.0) installed.

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