2009 Jun 17 rinoa

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Moving violation
On my way home from work, I got a traffic citation for running two stop signs on my bicycle. It happened while I was on lab, so I get to call some security person at JPL tomorrow to see what the citation means. Nevertheless, if I'd done it in a car, I'd lose my ability to park at lab. Personally, I hope that they tell me that I'm not allowed to park my bike on lab for some period of time and force me to drive (or bike to the edge of lab property and walk from there). I think the irony of such a turnabout would be great. I wonder if "parking" my bike in my office would count...

Apparently, some high ranking person on lab got tired of all the cyclists running stop signs, so lab security has cracked down. They're also forcing people without helmets to walk their bikes while on lab. I find the whole thing bizarre and a huge waste of security resources when there is a whole lab that's supposed to be being protected.

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