2009 Jun 04 relm

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Terrible, No good...
Sometime last night, my apartment lost power for a short period of time. This caused my alarm clock to fail to go off this morning resulting in my being 2.5 hours late for work on a day where there were all day meetings in which I was a key participant. Once I realized how late I was, I immediately called my boss and told him what was going on (he'd had the project secretary call to see where I was) and biked in to work. Once I got in, it was only a few hours before it began to rain. I severely dislike biking in the rain. I ended up staying quite late until I had covered my obligations (I had some margin from earlier in the week, so it wasn't terrible) and until the rain had stopped. Unfortunately, that pretty much meant that my evening was shot to hell (not that I had any real plans).

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