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They aren't really cold
Earlier tonight, I finished Shivering Isles. I had picked it up a few weeks ago when gogamer was selling it for cheap. Since I had just finished playing through Resident Evil 5 (see below), I decided to give it a play. I still had my "Ruler of the World" character that I had used when I played through the main game about a year ago, so I used that to play the expansion. All in all, I think it was pretty well put together. I was especially entertained by the solid writing and voice acting that they put behind the central character of the expansion, Sheogorath. It is important for madgods to have good characterization and they managed to pull it off quite well. Otherwise, it reminded me of any of the other major sidequests in Oblivion.

Immediately before SI, I had been playing Resident Evil 5. The game itself plays similarly to Resident Evil 4 (no suprise there), but this time involves one of the original protagonists: Chris Redfield. Chris has been around since the original Resident Evil, but has only showed up in three of the 7 "main story" games: RE, RE5, and Code Veronica. Coincidentally, these are also the only ones in which Wesker appears. Overall, I enjoyed the game. I ended up playing through the game 3 complete times (twice on Normal, once on Veteran) in order to unlock various items in the game as well as to get various Trophies. I did eventually try to play it on the hardest difficulty, but, finding that normal enemies could one shot me, gave up on that idea.

Next up, I intend to finally finish The Last Remnant. I am also playing through Max Payne again now that I have managed to get the sound working in Vista.

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