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Homecoming Report
So, last Thursday, I left for Indianapolis for homecoming. I arrived in Indy at about 5pm local and met my father. He and I went out for dinner to a nearby Outback and talked about this and that. Mainly, we talked about my future job plans and education. I'm not really sure why my father insists on meeting with me every homecoming, but it is not terribly inconvienent, so I don't mind.

I then headed directly for the Theta Xi house in Terre Haute. It was pretty quiet there, being Thursday, but a few people were already there: Luke, Curtis. We ended up wandering to Steak 'n Shake. Thursday was, frankly, pretty uneventful.

Friday was a bit interesting. Chansky had shown up by then and we ended up going to Crazy Buffet for lunch based on a "shake to pick a restaurant" iPhone app of Curtis'. This led us to eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet that had sushi and chicken nuggets bother offered. The more interesting part was the used game store that was adjacent to the buffet. The three of us (K-990, K-991, me) ended up browsing and finding various things. I picked up a Genesis and P.N.03. Curtis picked up about a half dozen random games as well. We also decided that the house needed better video games in the inactive room. As such, we purchased a Gamecube, 4 controllers, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and a memory card. These were appropriately labeled with our roll numbers and then set up in the inactive room. Both the 3 of us as well as many others ended up spending a great deal of time playing it over the weekend. Since the total cost was $60 spread amongst the three of us, I would consider it a very good intestment. It certainly provided at least $20 worth of entertainment for me.

Later Friday, we had the alumni dinner. It was good times. I got to see Dante and Krall who I hadn't seen lately as well as yelling at the actives for not using my previous year's donation as I had ordered. Hopefully, they've chosen to follow my instructions now.

Saturday was a bit more laid back. In the afternoon, I ended up going to see the movie Inglorious Bastards with Trevor and Thom. It was, in fact, quite amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone. Afterward, several of us played a game of Dominion (I ended up playing 4 or 5 games during the weekend and only had to teach it to two people. This was pretty handy) before heading to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. The burger joint was acceptable, but we had to hurry because the alumni meeting was supposed to start at 8pm. Upon arriving back at the house, we quickly found out that the alumni officers are slaps and weren't even there to start at 8. We ended up starting later, but Phil had already left to do his radio show and Thom and I ended up leaving half an hour into the meeting in order to get to our own show. Great job, guys.

That leads, of course, to the 004 show. Our yearly homecoming show went very well. It started with Phil, Thom and myself along with periodic commentary by Katie (the person whose show time slot we were stealing) and two random people from 004. Eventually, we got both Greg and Imani also on the air via telephone which was fun. I have no idea where Andrew was (we'd tried to contact him via text message to no avail). Incidentally, the show is currently available on the website. The "final" version is currently encoding and will probably be available before I finish writing up this post. Apparently, whoever is currently the WMHD sysadmin has screwed up the levels on the ogg stream output because it needed a big gain boost (+9db) in order to be undestandable...

After the show, Thom, Phil, and I went to Steak 'n Shake where we were massively disappointed by their being out of shakes. It is one of the two items in their name; they should never be out of it.

I ended up doing not much at the house after that and crashed on the couch in the inactive room for a few hours. I then woke up at about 3am local and ended up talking with Tookie until like 7 in the morning about this and that. Then, there were a few more hours of sleep before waking up and going to First Wok. After food, there was yet more sleeping for me. Upon waking again, there was gaming and more food. The day ended with Flanders, Meiser, Chansky and myself going to see District 9. It was also a quite good movie though of very different kind.

By the end of that movie, it was already midnight Sunday with me needing to leave for the airport at 5am. I got some lousy sleep in the inactive room before driving back to IND and flying home.

All in all, it was a very good homecoming. I had previously been concerned about whether or not I'd come back next year since, from my perspective, there will be almost no one left at the Theta Xi house who were there when I was there. Nevertheless, it seems like there will continue to be many of my friends returning at least for the forseeable future. As such, I intend to return next year.

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