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Orccon Day Two
Saturday began with a Call of Cthulhu game entitled "Rain". The premise of this game was that our group was a team of police investigators in the homicide unit. Our team had been called out to a murder scene where another officer (from Vice) had apprently been shot. She'd suffered from a single bullet wound to the chest. We investigated the body and the room she was found in (some run down apartments on the bad end of town). During the search, we found some information related to one of her standard informants and began attempting to run him down. Simultaneous to that, we discovered that there had been an incident several hours previous to the one we were investigating that had led to another pair of police officers arriving at the location and leaving without properly reporting it to dispatch or informing our investigative team of the relevant information. One other important thing happened at the scene, two of the investigators, when looking into a closet, discovered a body hanging from one of the hooks. When the remaining investigators examined the closet, they were unable to discover anything.

Our team then split up to follow the two leads simultaneously. I went with another officer to try to find the two missing officers while the remaining officers went to try to find the missing informant. The other team arrived at a freestanding home that we believed had been used by the informant. Two members of that team breached the front door while a third went in through the back. Upon entering, they were met with the smell of mold and dried blood. All of the walls of the house seemed to be stained by a dark brown substance. The officer in the back door, noticing the brown substance, chose to rub it and taste a small amount of it (all further instance of him telling any other character this were met with a stock response of "Why the hell did you taste it?!"). The substance was (of course) blood with some sort of psychoactive properties that caused him to go into something similar to a bad LSD trip. The other officers quickly heard his screams of help and went to find him. When they met him, he was waving his gun about and being generally threatening and was tasered. It turns out that this set of three officers consisted of two of the characters who had previously seen things in the closet and the one who had the freak out was one of them. The one who hadn't seen the strange things began to drag off the tasered officer out the back when the door slammed behind him. Unable to get the door back open, he drug the unconscience officer back to the squad car, cuffed him, and threw him in the back to sort out later. The officer inside, now alone, soon met the informant. He seemed to have lost all the skin and muscle over about half his face and was generally unhelpful. The officer inside, after trying to shoot a few times, attempted to flee. The other non-bound officer broke out a window in the front to try to help his fellow officer in distress and found her alone and talking to herself in the kitchen. When they met again she seemed to no longer be able to see the informant, and so she began searching the room. Checking under a table, a large black blob sprang out and latched onto her head. The other officer (acutally being able to see this threat) tased it and the goo disengaged. Realizing the danger of the house, the two officers fled and attempted to call dispatch for a hazmat team, the CDC and whoever else might help.

My team had meanwhile managed to find the apartment where the missing officers were supposed to be. Approaching the apartment, we heard chanting from inside, then a scream, and chose to breach the door. Inside, we found four naked men (two of which were the missing uniformed officers) standing over a woman who was strapped down to a bed. The men were holding knives and chanting that the "ritual must be completed". Despite our valiant efforts, we mostly missed at shooting at the four men, and they stabbed her causing black goo to shoot out of her chest, covering each of the men from head to toe. After attempting communication, then stopping them with firepower, the two of us fled the scene and contacted the other unit who had by then begun fleeing the house.

While the officer who had been tased was sitting in the back seat of the cruiser with his hands cuffed behind his back, he ran into someone he didn't expect--he met the shooting victom from the morning. She seemed to still be dead, and informed him that she "liked her men tied up", after some loss of sanity, the other officers discovered him a few minutes later and were incredibly confused as to how (or why) he managed to get his pants off with his hands stuck behind his back.

During out conversation, the fact that tasers seemed to work led us to head back towards the apartment complex. Upon getting back towards the complex, we found that their numbers had begun to multiply and at least a dozen goo-covered people were now coming out of the complex along with dozens more people who seemed to be acting with them. Yet another tactical retreat was taken, and my team started heading back towards the home to meet up with the first team.

Over the course of the entire campaign, rain had been falling. As time passed, the intensity of the rain began to grow. By this point, the rain could be described as a torrent. While heading back towards the home covered in blood, a person walked out in the middle of the road, and due to the rain, my attempt to swerve caused the car to crash and flip. We were mostly unharmed, but hadn't gotten very far away from the goo people and wanted to get away quickly. The rest of our team soon arrived, and given strange communications with dispatch, we chose to "commondeer" a nearby parked car and head to the blood home. I ended up in the back seat on one side and adjacent to the cop who had recently been raped by a ghost. We headed back to the house with the apparent intent of destroying it.

As we approached, we found that the place had been surrounded by other officers. Given our recent experience with the uniformed officers and dispatch, we chose to make a drive by of the house to see what was happening. While going by, the LSD-tripping, blood-licking, ghost-raped, officer finally lost it. He took a shot at me, leaving me alive by a single hit point. That caused the driver to crash and just as quickly caused another officer to tase him. The other officer of questionable sanity (the one who'd seen the corpse in the closet and the dead informatnt) attempted to provide first aid. She rolled a 99 (critical failure), and instead killed me. This caused her to lose it completely (losing nearly half her sanity). She began to see everyone remaining in the car as a personal threat to herself and (picking my corpse at random) began putting additional holes in it. She got tased not long after. At this point, one of the remaining officers--the one who had been to the house once already--snuck around behind the house after distracting the officers by having them attend to the shootout in the car. He then managed to set off a propane tank to set the house ablaze. The building burned quickly to the ground and the rain stopped.

One officer dead. Two officers who'd never see walls without padding again. It could go worse in this system.

After that, I ran out for lunch and then came back for my next game--a Paranoia game entitled "Stealth Train". We started off with three player and then later added more. All told, I only ended up killing two people above my clearance, but we sortof managed to totally screw up our mission. Being Paranoia, I did manage to pin most of the blame on our traitorous team leader (who had joined an anti-computer protest before I shot him) and our equipment officer who had attempted to shoot me with contraband gear.

My head only exploded once during the game and I only had a single lobotomy, so I think it went quite well. I don't want to say too much about the game because it is one of the standard supplements that players might see.

To kill some time, I got into a Munchkin Bites! event. I came very close to winning, but due to a card that I drew on my initial set (Shoulder Angel), I was forced to help everyone else. I kept attempting to find the card to mitigate it (Shoulder Devil), but it was actually in the set of cards being used by the other table. I ended up very close to winning, but was unable to actually get it. In fact, I was helping the winner when he won.

My final event of the day was the Kingsburg tournament. I did quite well, placing second overall and earning myself a few dealer dollars. Unfortunately, I had previously spent about $50 in the dealer's room picking up old BESM game guides (for specific anime) at 75% off.

After that, I got more In-and-Out for dinner and called it a night.

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