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Orccon 2010 Day Four
The final day of Orccon was rather easy. I began the day by entering the Dominion tournament. I ended up losing in the first round and so instead went to play in the Ingenious tournament. I lost in the first round here as well (though I missed making the next round on a tie-breaker), and so had a lot of time to kill until my next game at 2pm.

I first went to the dealer's room where my five dealer bucks were burning a hole in my pocket. I ended up using them to buy a copy of Dominion: Seaside. I ended up paying $35 (after a discount and the dealer bucks) which is still $8 more expensive than Cool Stuff, but didn't require another $70+ in the order to get free shipping.

I still had tons of time to kill before my next event, so I sat down at the convention auction to kill some time. I ended up spending about $20 at the auction. I got several things:

$4 - Starcraft Tabletop RPG Box Set
$1 - Pool Position (I've never even heard of it before)
$1 - Lot of 4 Sega Genesis games and 1 Sega CD game (all sports games)
$8 - Risk (opened but unused)
$1 - Babylon 5 Component Game System Core Set + Psi Corp (mostly unpunched)

Someone who I was talking to offered to buy one of the Genesis games off of me for $1 and I happily took his buck. I consider the auction to have been relatively succesful. The B5CGS stuff is incredibly hard to find and a set that large in that condition is very rare.

I next went to the Shadow Hunters tournament. After a false start, I once again managed to make it to the final table only to not place. I had incredibly bad luck on my draws, though. On my first turn in the first round, I went to the Church on my first turn and pulled the mirror, forcing me to reveal myself as a vampire. In the second round, I pulled the same card on the second turn. It is hard to win when revealed that early.

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2010 Feb 16 aeris

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Orccon 2010 Day Three
Sunday was mostly a board gaming day for me. I began the day with a tournament of No Thanks. The tournament moderator didn't show up on time, so we mostly self organized. I ended up making it to the final table, but due to a very bad first round at the last table, I didn't end up placing.

After that, I went to the Uno tournament. I was completely and totally crushed in the first round and thus had time to kill, so I wandered around a bit before finding a sponsored game of Lord of the Fries. Unlike most Steve Jackson games, this one seems to have a finite limit of runtime. I actually found the game quite enjoyable and ended up winning a free copy of it.

I grabbed some lunch and then headed over to the only RPGA game that I had scheduled for the weekend: CORM2-1 - For Crown and Kingdom. Like most RPGA games, the plot was almost entirely irrelevent. We were offered a chance to choose between two factions. Each faction was led by a jackass and both offered the same monetary reward. We ended up deciding which side to join by rolling a die. Over the campaign, we faced three encounters and a skill challenge. I ended up not taking any damage during the entire campaign (my level 2 bow ranger worked quite well) and didn't use any of my daily or encounter powers until the final encounter.

I did learn one very important thing during CORM2-1. In the ongoing Living Forgotten Realms meta-campaign, intimidate is a useless skill. Rather than merely being another option in skill contests involving dialogs, invoking it causes one of three possible outcomes: immediately fail the check, counting toward the failure condition of the challenge; immediately fail the challenge, probably with a result of being ejected or attacked; be a normal skill roll in the challenge with a DC at least 5 higher than any other roll. I don't really understand why Wizards would choose to take one of the only three direct character interaction skills and essentially remove it.

I next had the Apples to Apples tournament. I managed to make it to the final table, but ran into problems there. I usually win point in the tournament by using ironic or humourous cards. Unfortunately, two of the people at the final table were an eleven year old and a thirteen year old. Neither one of them was a valid target of my wit and I ended up not even placing.

After grabbing some food, I did my last game of the evening Race for the Galaxy. I did pretty well again and managed to make it to the final table. Once again, however, I managed to lose the game at the final table such that I didn't even place.

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