2002 Apr 01 utena

Guy Blade Guy Blade---05:09:00

Yeah, so this is weird. Whenever I try to long into Matt's MUD on my usual name (guyblade) it disconnects me, but whenever I connect using another name it seems to work fine. Hmm. I wish I knew Matt's AIM/Yahoo name. Damn.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---05:05:00

California Part III
Well, here is the rest of the California story. We spent Friday going to Long Beach. We saw the Queen Mary and the Aquarium. I don't like fish, so I worked on my English project. Then we went back to the hotel then to a laundrumat to do laundry. Then we came back and sat around until we went to bed. Saturday, we flew all around then got to Indy and came home. That's about it. k bye.

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2002 Mar 30 yuffie

Guy Blade Lauren---22:16:00

Bet they don't have these in Florida.

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2002 Mar 29 elly-miang

Guy Blade Matt---09:45:00

Well..there's nothing actually wrong with my MUD. I just took it down for a couple of days while I redo some major stuff on it. I want to shoot whoever broke Lee's Video's Copy of the DBGT Final Bout in english..I was going to rent it and copy it..but the bloody fool broke it. My MUD'll be back up one way or another in a day or so, I've been working on it day in and day out..still not completely sure what the entire PK problem is.

The light at the end of the a heat seeking tactical thermonuclear bomb...

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---07:55:00

California Part II
Well, here's part two of the California Story. After my last talk, I went to a gaming story and Andy/Chris came over. We went to the California Pizza Kitchen where we ate and also introduced me to Andy's friend Melissa who was cool. We wandered around Pasadena for a while, then they left and I came home. I sat around for a while then my mom got home and that was about it. Yesterday, we tried to visit NBC, but it was full, then we went to Old Pasadena for a while which was kindof interesting, then we came home and that was about it.

Today, we went to the Hearst Castle. It was about a four hour drive each way which was less than fun. It was pretty cool, but eh. Then we came back and that brings me to now where I've just been talking to Melissa (Texas not California) which was strange, but its nice to know that she isn't mad at me anymore. Ok, well that's about it for now. k bye.

P.S.: Is there something wrong with Matt's MUD?

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2002 Mar 28 harle

Guy Blade Matt---08:53:00

Well birthday is finally over thankfully. I honestly do not know how many more "Happy birthday!" shouts I could take. I honestly think if I heard that one more time, I was going to flip and go kill something. Fortunately my dad did not get me a gun for my birthday, so there were a few safe. I'm not sure how many people I could chase down with a sword and hack up, but I'm sure at least one. Best thing about it though is that I managed to get the last copy of Nero 5 that Best Buy had..which means I'll be busy copying PSX games for the rest of the damnedable break.

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2002 Mar 26 terra

Guy Blade Guy Blade---23:20:00

Well, I'm in California. Its been pretty nice weather, but I thought that I'd go ahead a recap the week so far. We flew out here on Saturday morning. We had to get up at 3:00 am our time. We went first to the Indianapolis International Airport where we got through security and were soon on our way to our connecting flight to Denver. The first flight was pretty good, it was very smooth and I had little to complain about on the flight. We then arrived at Denver. There was something like a four hour layover there. It was not much fun. I spent most of my time there just wandering around taking pictures and doing stupid stuff like walking backwards on the moving flat escaltor-type thing. Yeah, very boring. Our next flight wasn't very good. The ride was very rough and the plane smelled and was hot. Definately not fun. Add to this that it was the longer of the two flights and it adds up to ugh. Oh well. We arrived in Burbank then where after accounting for all the time changes, it was as if we had gotten up at 1:00 in the morning. The first thing we did was get our rental car (a Ford Taurus) then drive to our hotel in Pasedena. We spent most of the rest of that first day trying to adjust to the jet lag.

The next day (sunday), we went to the Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon Libraries. It was pretty cool because they were both good presidents regardless of what others may think. That was about all we did that day. Yesterday, we went to a mall then did our tour of Cal-tech. I think that I've been right when I've said that I want to go to Cal-tech. It is a very good school. I think that I would really like to get accepted there. I also got on the rental computer and talked to Andy to set up doing something with Chris and he since they are both in LA. Then I went to bed. That brings me to today. I was actually able to sleep better tonight though I had some weird dreams. I thought that Chris/Andy were going to call me this morning, but they hadn't yet by noon, so I got on this computer to try to talk to them. Ah well, that brings me to now and since I can't see the future, I guess I'll just sign off.

k bye.

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2002 Mar 22 emeralda

Guy Blade Adam---05:57:00

IU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2002 Mar 21 aya

Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:11:00



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The Yahoo! Mail Team

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2002 Mar 20 elly

Guy Blade Matt---03:48:00

Yay..meh MUD..bow or whatever. Anyway..we have Tibbett now..and uh..dernit I have to go do school work actually. Not too fun.

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2002 Mar 19 elly-miang

Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:19:00

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2002 Mar 18 anthy

Guy Blade Guy Blade---14:49:00

Ahhh big words. Watch this. Click if you need the codec.

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Guy Blade Jan---14:33:00

You don't like marquees!! Well then here is another one!!

Ok just kidding
Who are you doing!
Just sitting in class and I board so I'm writing some stuff
Have fun

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2002 Mar 17 utena

Guy Blade Guy Blade---21:20:00

Watch this video
You may need this codec to watch it.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---02:08:00

fuck marquees

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2002 Mar 16 elly

Guy Blade Guy Blade---02:36:00

Well, I changed the links for names on the blog. If you click on a name, it will try to IM the person via AIM. If that person doesn't have an aim name (or I don't know it), it'll try to e-mail them. Cool, huh?

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---00:51:00

Yeah, so pat told me like 4 days ago that I wrote tpg instead of tgp, so I fixed it. I also put aim names on the friends list and made it work better. ok bye

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2002 Mar 14 terra

Guy Blade Adam---07:20:00

it's there now

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Guy Blade Lauren---00:07:00

Foreign Culture Club... Thursday (March 21)
We're going to finish Life is Beautiful, which is a really good movie. And there will be chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

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2002 Mar 13 celes

Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:37:00

Yeah, so pat has a new website tgp 3.01. you shoud look at it because its better than this.

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:36:00

Over a petabytes of available data on KaZaA. For those of you who don't know, a petabyte is 2^50bytes or approximately 1 million GB or exactly 1,125,899,906,842,624bytes

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---05:38:00

Yeah, so I'm looking for a good webhost it must be

2.No Banner
3.FTP allowed
4.No file limit
5.At least 8 megs, more is better

If you know, leave a comment here



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2002 Mar 12 utena

Guy Blade Jan---21:42:00

Just wanted to say hello
I hope you guys are doing fine!!

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2002 Mar 11 elly

Guy Blade Patrick---05:48:00

Why the hell won't my blog work on fateback? Anywho......I updated my website's design, so click here to take a look at that. After you get done with that you can kick me in the sack.

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2002 Mar 06 peach

Guy Blade Guy Blade---02:28:00

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---02:28:00

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2002 Mar 05 elly

Guy Blade Guy Blade---05:44:00

What does size="michaeljackson" mean?

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Guy Blade Adam---00:29:00

Isn't it cool how sometimes when you are listening to a cd on a computer, the light is blinking to the beat of the song?

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2002 Mar 03 emeralda

Guy Blade Guy Blade---19:45:00

Ok, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to Pre-Order Arc the Lad. Any comments?

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Guy Blade Guy Blade---02:10:00

Yeah, well anyway. I think that L is not as mad at me now. I made a website for her which is pretty cool. ok bye.

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2002 Mar 02 elly

Guy Blade Guy Blade---06:26:00

*sighs* well...L just came online a few minutes ago and I was really excited. It had been a while since I'd talked to her and I thought that it would be nice to hear from her. But instead, she was angry at me...she told me not to talk to her. She blocked me. *sighs* I care about her a lot, but at the same time she doesn't even want to be around me... So much for thinking that i'm getting over her. *sigh* Maybe before this weekend is over, she'll forgive me and we could talk or something. I don't know. Its...depressing to say the least. I wonder what I should do...


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Guy Blade Guy Blade---03:11:00


Beginning April 2, 2002, we will no longer provide FTP access as part of our free home page service.

Please note that Premium Members will not be affected by this change in service. Free members interested in continuing their FTP service are encouraged to consider our premium packages. All packages include FTP access, remote loading of images, ad-free pages, and much more. Packages start at just $4.95/month (plus a one-time setup fee).

If you decide not to upgrade your GeoCities web site, you can still upload files using the Easy Upload tool which is accessible within File Manager.

For additional help and information about GeoCities, visit our help pages at

Thank you for using GeoCities,

The Yahoo! GeoCities Team

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