2005 Aug 08 emeralda

Guy Blade Guy Blade---10:01:00

Some idiot is trying to exploit IIS flaws to gain control over freasha. Freasha doesn't run Windows. Freasha runs NetBSD. Anyone using nmap could see that. Someone (else?) also tried to find how to run Awstats, presumably because there is some exploit there. Luckily, I am running it from a cron script which builds static pages every 10 minutes.

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2005 Aug 05 garnet

Guy Blade Guy Blade---20:59:00

61,690 descendants
- you're more genetically fit than 38% of the current population -
Not bad. You're no Mongol warlord, but to have that many copies of your
genetic code running around 800 years from now is pretty impressive.

You're at the lower end of the scoring spectrum, but, honestly, when
you consider that the cheaters, swindlers, and football players of this
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is something to be proud of. As you'll see below, some of your lines
will die out, but nonetheless your genetic material will thrive here on
earth for a long time to come.

A close friend of mine created a program to generate family
trees for this test. It's based on your unique answers. We accounted
for sterility, birth rates, death rates, disease, drug abuse,
nitwitism, and accidents and came up with this, for you:

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on fitnessfactor
Link: The Genghis Khan Genetic Fitness Test written by gwendolynbooks on Ok Cupid

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2005 Aug 02 elly-miang

Guy Blade Guy Blade---08:18:00


You scored 64% Ruthless

You are Vincent from Collateral. You are a no-nonsense, get the job
done, stone cold hardass, and you have no problem shooting somebody in
the face at point blank range. You are very dedicated at completing
your objective, and show no mercy or compassion to get what you want.
If that weren't enough, you have a pretty suave way of slipping your
way in and out of cities unnoticed, and can blend in with the common
man. You keep your comments short and to the point, but have a unique
way of looking at death: it pays the big bucks. Why should you get to
know a guy before you kill him? You shouldn't, and that's what makes
you bad to the bone.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 55% on Ruthless

Link: The Secret Agent/Assassin Test written by UAMaverick on OkCupid Free Online Dating

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2005 Aug 01 peach

Guy Blade Guy Blade---07:51:00

I bought an old v1.0 Xbox off of ebay a few weeks ago. I had already gather the requisite USB to Xbox adapter and MechWarrior (not GOTY edition) and did a nice install of Xebian. Since then, I have been working to get it to play SNES, NES, and Genesis games in a reasonable manner.

The first problem that I ran into was the controller. For whatever reason, the xpad driver for linux in Xebian is broken. The up and down directions sent to /dev/jo* are flipped. Also, the shoulder triggers are mapped as axes rather than as buttons. Last, but not least, the xpad is by default configured to emulate a mouse. This is useful if you want to use it as mouse and incredibly irritating if you want to use it as a gamepad. Just today I finally found how to fix all of this.

  1. Get the kernel source that matches your installed version (mine was 2.4.31)

  2. Get the kernel patch from the xbox-linux sourceforge project cvs repository which is tagged with your kernel revision

  3. Open kernel.config and change the line that says




  4. Apply this patch by hand to xpad-core.c. (Note that you may be able to apply it using patch(1) but it failed for me)

  5. (optional) add your controller's device id to the list of devices registered for control by the xpad driver

  6. make dep modules

  7. Copy the module over your old one in /lib/modules/<kernel revision>

  8. reboot

As it currently stands, I have it working successfully to play SNES games. I am using snes9express as a front end for the linux port of snes9x. I have not yet found a suitable emulator for the genesis or nes yet. I may use dgen with tkdgen as a front end, though it has the distinct problem of being unable to set the joystick device without a recompile. I am currently looking into using the gens and it looks very promising. The downside is that I will have to manually configure the key codes for the game pad. For some reason, the xpad registers several button presses and this confuses the auto configuration program. As for the nes, since it is my lowest priority I have not yet put much effort into it.

Currently, I get my games by mounting a read only share on magi. This is done automatically on boot so that I don't have to log in as root to use the device. I plan to eventually use a usb harddrive to store the games, but until I get my usb hub I will continue with this method.


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