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Important service announcement regarding your POP3 or Mail Forwarding service. Please read on.

Effective April 24, 2002, Yahoo! Mail will no longer provide free POP3 Access or Auto Mail Forwarding to Yahoo! Delivers subscribers.

If you would like to continue using Mail Forwarding or POP3 Access, please subscribe to our improved package that allows you to:

Use Outlook, Eudora, or another POP3 client to access and manage your Yahoo! Mail.
Automatically forward your Yahoo! Mail to another email account -- even another Yahoo! address!
Send larger attachments, now up to 5MB instead of the free 1.5MB limit.
Send email without the Yahoo! promotional text at the bottom.*

Sign up today and SAVE 33%

Subscribe before April 24th and get the first year of service for just $19.99. That's 33% off the regular service fee of $29.99.

Remember, if you do not subscribe by April 24, 2002, you will no longer be able to access your Yahoo! Mail messages by POP or at another email address.

The Yahoo! Mail Team

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